Vision System

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4.8 m/s dynamic performance

Automation, Vision & Identification

Vision System
Vision System

Aiming to improve the overall system throughput at large couriers and postal distribution centers, the Datalogic NVS9000 is a high-end vision system that offers simple integration, easy installation and high reliability at a low total cost of investment and ownership. Featuring high quality image detection with up to 1400mm depth of field on large conveyors, its 4.8 m/s dynamic performance, combined with a new fast autofocus system, guarantees very good reading capabilities on high speed conveyors, including in cases where there are very small gaps between parcels. A patented pulsed lighting feature allows easy mechanical integration and reduces the overall system dimensions. Ready to be integrated with OCR and Videocoding software for improved overall reading capability, the NVS9000 can be associated with dimensioning and scale systems for revenue recovery applications. Maintenance is simple and fast, as every replaceable part is plug and play capable. Moreover, the company’s WebSentinel supervisor software provides diagnostics, statistics and email alerts, for enhances preventative maintenance, anywhere and anytime. The system’s automatically regulated light intensity together with its integrated solid state decoder and active filter-free backup fan enhance overall system reliability. In addition, its rugged metal construction, IP65 protection and 50°C maximum operational temperature makes the NVS9000 a suitable solution even in harsh environments.

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Posted on January 20, 2011 - (4288 views)
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