VPFlowScope M flow meter: Measure, Discover & Save

Measure your compressed air & technical gas system

  • VPFlowScope M flow meter: Measure, Discover & Save
    VPFlowScope M flow meter: Measure, Discover & Save

With the VPFlowScope M from VPInstruments you can measure the consumption of your compressed air or technical gas system. Allocate costs, detect leaks and discover inappropriate use. This all-in-one flow meter provides all the data you need, as it measures bi-directional mass flow, pressure, temperature and total flow simultaneously.

The VPFlowScope M is ideal for air audits with its built-in datalogger. Or just install the versatile flow meter permanently and connect it to any management system like a BMS, via one of the outputs: Ethernet (Modbus/TCP), Modbus RTU or 4..20mA.

The VPFlowScope M measures bi-directional flow which is ideal for measuring ring networks or other potential back-flow applications. 

Applications of this gas / compressed air flow meter

  • Demand-side compressed air monitoring
  • Air audits
  • Submetering of compressed air
  • Ring networks (bi-directional)
  • Industrial gas monitoring (air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, argon and other dry, noncorrosive industrial gases)
  • Cost allocation
  • Leak detection