Instrument Protectors

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For use in hazardous environments

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Instrument Protectors
Instrument Protectors

Novaris offers a complete solution for the surge protection of process control systems. The SL range of pluggable signal line SPDs provides protection for both analogue and digital I/O in addition to most signalling protocols used in the process control industry. The 7mm wide SL range comes with a selection of DIN mount bases to cater for earthed and unearthed screen configurations.

Selection is simple; choose the operating voltage for I/O protection or the signal type, for example SL-485 for communication or SL-420 for instrument loop protection. Novaris SLT instrument protectors provide a simple means of protecting field instruments.

The SLT is screwed into the instrument housing thereby maintaining the Ex rating of the instrument. SL and SLT products are available with both IEC Ex d and Ex ia plus ATEX approvals for use in hazardous environments. Industrial Ethernet and Power over Ethernet may be protected by the Novaris RJ45 series of SPDs. These are suitable for CAT6 cabling systems and can pass up to 1 ampere over PoE systems.

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