Intelligent Roots Pumps

Engineered for the low and medium vacuum range

  • Intelligent Roots Pumps
    Intelligent Roots Pumps

Pfeiffer Vacuum has expanded its HiLobe series. These Roots pumps are available in a broad spectrum of pumping speeds and applications. These pumps can be used for numerous industrial vacuum applications, including electron beam welding, vacuum furnaces and freeze drying. HiLobe Roots pumps are particularly suited for rapid evacuations (lock chambers or leak detection systems) and as well for general coating applications. 

Cost-intensive water cooling is not necessary since HiLobe Roots pumps can also be operated at ambient temperatures of up to +40 °C using flexible air cooling

With their individual speed control, these vacuum pumps can be adapted to customer-specific requirements. Compact Roots pumps handle a wide range of nominal pumping speeds up to 6,200 m³/h. Thanks to their powerful drive concept, they achieve around 20 percent shorter pump-down times than conventional Roots pumps. 

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