IoT Analytics Gateway

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It analyzes only relevant data

Automation, Industry 4.0

IoT Analytics Gateway
IoT Analytics Gateway

FlexWare presents an IoT gateway that addresses the need for systems that can give an immediate response to time-sensitive data and can reduce the vast amounts of data produced by the Internet of Things (IoT). The FlexaGate FG400 IoT analytics gateway acts timely on incoming IoT data, analyzes and stores only relevant data, and saves on cloud costs. According to IDC, while you're reading this sentence, approximately 15,000 new data producing "things" get connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). But - data is just data. For data to mean something, you need to extract information from it. It is common to use cloud computing to extract information from IoT data.

Unfortunately, this might go completely awry where it is key to analyze time-sensitive data. If timing is key, you need fast, real-time analysis of time-sensitive data, close to the data source. To address the need for an immediate response to time-sensitive data and the call for reducing the amounts of data produced by the IoT, Recore Systems developed the FlexaGate FG400 IoT analytics gateway. This IoT analytics gateway accepts (multiple) IoT data sources, processes streaming data close to the source, and transmits only relevant data to the cloud.

The FlexaGate FG400 IoT analytics gateway offers the greatest benefits if:


  • data from IoT "things", sensors, or smart devices needs to be analyzed quickly,
  • connecting IoT "things", factory sensors, or other data sources directly to the cloud is undesirable,
  • internet connectivity is unreliable or limited
  • reducing recurring cloud bandwidth, storage space, and computing costs are mandatory The possibilities to use the FlexaGate FG400 IoT analytics gateway are endless.

Use it to analyze sensor data on the factory floor to guarantee product and process quality, to help cut the cost of machine failures, or to help reduce the risk for factory accidents (Industry 4.0). Many industrial applications, such as for instance detecting faults during the production process, depend on real-time image and sensor data processing close to the source.

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