Isotropic Field Analyzer

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Covers 5 Hz to 60 GHz

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Isotropic Field Analyzer
Isotropic Field Analyzer

An improved version of the measuring probe for electromagnetic fields from 5 Hz to 100 kHz, the EHP-50D isotropic field analyzer expands the measuring range of Narda Safety Test Solutions’ portable, wideband NBM-550 measuring set from 5 Hz to 60 GHz. The EHP-50D probe is specially developed for assessing industrial workplaces in accordance with current international standards, and for measurements on industrial equipment. Simultaneous measurement of all three axes coupled with a dynamic range of up to 150 dB ensures that signals can be captured quickly, reliably and over a wide range. The built-in spectrum analysis feature means that measurements targeting individual events can be made while neighboring frequencies are effectively blanked out. The optical interface enables measurements to be made remote from the NBM-550 in locations that are difficult to access or are highly exposed. Equipped with a data logger and LiIon battery, the probe can also operate for up to 24 h in stand-alone mode and the results read out to a PC on completion of the measurement. Combined with the NBM-550 field measuring set, which is used to control the EHP-50D and display the results, there are three operating modes available for different measurement tasks: wideband measurement across a frequency range; measurement of only the highest level in a frequency band; and spectrum measurement using a marker function. The probe is an ideal extension of the measuring range of the NBM-550 to allow measurements covering the entire frequency band from 5 Hz to 60 GHz when the appropriate probes are used. The range of applications for the NBM-550 thus now extends from the analysis of low frequency fields in occupational situations up to high frequency measurements on rooftop mobile phone antennas.

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