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Field Measuring Devices
Field Measuring Devices

Narda Safety Test Solutions now offers low-frequency electromagnetic field measuring devices with evaluation conforming to ICNIRP 2010. PC software is available free of charge for the Electric and Magnetic FieldAnalyzer EFA-300, which enables uploading of the new limit values to the instrument. A separate "ICNIRP 2010" version of the Exposure Level Tester ELT-400 is available. All previous and existing probes can also be used with the new instrument. In 1998, the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) published its "Guidelines for Limiting Exposure to Time-Varying Electric, Magnetic and Electromagnetic Fields (up to 300 GHz)". The limit values in these guidelines were mandatory for more than a decade. However, recent findings have necessitated a revision of the limit values in the low frequency range. These have been taken into account in the ICNIRP "Guidelines for Limiting Exposure to Time-Varying Electric and Magnetic Fields (1 Hz- 100 kHz)", published in 2010. The new limit values applying to the workplace (occupational) as well as to the general public allow considerably higher magnetic field strengths in some low frequency ranges. In contrast, the limit values for electric field strength have been tightened up to some extent.Although the new limit values are only slowly being incorporated international regulations, measuring equipment from Narda now includes evaluation according to the new standard. Clients wishing to invest right now in test equipment can therefore be already prepared for exposure measurements complying with future standards.

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