Large Parts Printer

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Producing larg volumes of bigger parts


The ProX 950 Stereolithography Production Printer
The ProX 950 Stereolithography Production Printer
Dashboard printed by the ProX 950
Dashboard printed by the ProX 950
Geomagic Print software
Geomagic Print software

"I am both excited and awed by the exponential performance gains that our new ProX 950 delivers," said Chuck Hull, the inventor of the first 3D printer and the custodian of the industry's gold standard SLA technology at 3DS. The ProX 950 is flexible and versatile, and can produce precision parts with accuracy that rivals CNC machining, ranging in sizes smaller than the eye of a needle all the way to parts larger than a life-size tiger without compromising feature details or true-to-CAD accuracy.

The ProX 950 is green and affordable, yielding the highest total material usage of all classes of additive and subtractive manufacturing with reduced part cost by as much as 25X compared to competitive alternatives. This fabgrade system is capable of producing larger volumes of bigger parts faster, catalyzing high volume manufacturing adoption of 3D printing.

"Our customers have been asking for more and bigger functional parts made from engineered performance materials and the ProX 950 delivers. This new, large-format industrial printer magnifies our speed, accuracy and affordability advantages, making it the clear choice manufacturing platform for our customers," concluded Hull.

3D Printing software
Geomagic Print makes it easy to achieve outstanding 3D printing results by accepting files from any CAD system along with a variety of other 3D applications and preparing them for 3D printing. This powerful universal print driver can automatically setup supports, nest multiple parts into a single job and ensure ideal settings for optimal true-to-CAD print results. Geomagic Print also detects and directs the correction of problem files and optimizes designs based on the specific 3DS printer that will be used, eliminating the need to learn and maintain any other print preparation software.

"For decades our customers just wanted to point, click and print their CAD designs," remarked Ping Fu, Chief Strategy Officer, 3D Systems. "And for the first time ever Geomagic Print delivers with one easy-to-use product that is powerful, intuitive and works seamlessly across all of our professional printers saving our customers valuable time and money."

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Large Parts Printer

Producing larg volumes of bigger parts

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