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Positioning and alignment of objects

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Laser Pointers
Laser Pointers

The new series of laser pointers LSV20 from SM.PROX is equipped with a high quality laser diode and by means of appropriate integrated lens, can generate a point, a cross or a line. The standard color of the emitted laser light is red, but also green if a higher brightness and visibility of the line is required (the green light enhances its shine even on black or very dark backgrounds). This new brand series LSV20 can be powered from 5 to 32Vdc and has an anodized aluminum case of 20mm diameter, moreover a high degree of protection (which can reach IP67) allows the protection against external agents (dust and splash of water). The most common applications concern the positioning and alignment of objects. They may also be used in combination with vision systems to provide well visible optical references.

Posted on September 18, 2013 - (727 views)
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