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For 5 and 24V encoder applications

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Line Drivers
Line Drivers

Designed for 30 to 140Ω cable impedances, the iC-HD2, iC-HD7 and iC-HE from iC Haus are line drivers for 5 to 24V encoder applications. Due to the integrated wave impedance, reflected signals coming from the non-terminated line end at the receiver will be absorbed and not back reflected again, thus maintaining signal integrity. For differential signal transmission, the four output stages (iC-HE: three output stages) are designed as complementary drivers. The push-pull output stages are current limited and short circuit proof with thermal shutdown. They can drive typically 200 mA at 24 V supply. For bus applications, the outputs of the iC-HD2 and iC-HD7 can be switched to high impedance state. The iC-HE contains a current source to supply a common LED encoder illumination. Its output current can be set by an external resistor to be in the range of 1 to 50mA. The iC-HD2 is equipped with a 5V reference voltage, supporting up to 5mA output current. All devices feature an undervoltage/overtemperature monitor, shutting the outputs to high impedance in case of such an event. With iC-HD2, in addition, the open drain error output will be activated. All inputs are CMOS and TTL compatible and ESD protected. The operating temperature range is from -25 (optionally -40°C) up to 125°C. The devices iC-HD7 and iC-HE are available in SO16 resp. SO14 package. The iC-HD2 is available in a TSSOP20 package, optionally with Thermal Pad. As a special version of iC-HD2 with Thermal Pad, increased shutdown temperature, and high voltage inputs, the iC-HDH2 is recommended.

Posted on September 20, 2012 - (459 views)
iC-Haus GmbH
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55294 Bodenheim - Germany
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