Optical Receiver

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For fast laser pulse measurement

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Optical Receiver
Optical Receiver

Operating from DC up to 1.4 GHz, the iC212 optical receiver, from iC Haus, with a wide spectral range is well suited for fast laser diode pulse measurements. The spectral sensitivity ranges from the near ultra violet at 320 nm up to the infrared spectrum at 1000 nm. The active sensor area of the Si-PIN photo diode with lens measures 0.75 mm². This results in a gain of 1.625 V/mW at a wavelength of 760 nm. Thus, optical power in the sub-mW range can be detected. DC levels at the input can be compensated by means of an offset trimming feature. The receiver comes with M6 screw threads and an optical fiber connector, for easy mounting. An optional parts package includes a carrying case, a power supply pack, a coax cable, as well as the fiber connector and an SMA to BNC adapter. The receiver qualifies in particular for rise and fall time measurements of laser beams, optical power measurements, time-of-flight measurements, measurements in fiber transmission networks, and quality control in laser module production.

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Posted on February 10, 2011 - (1881 views)
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