LVDT Position Sensors

Can operate in extreme temperature environments

  • LVDT Position Sensors
    LVDT Position Sensors

NewTek Sensor Solutions’ high temperature LVDT position sensors achieve performance in applications where other position sensing technologies cannot survive, such as chemical processes, material testing chambers, power plants, downhole oil drilling and jet engines. They come with standard AC-operated LVDTs available in temperatures up to 204°C and custom linear position sensors available with temperature ratings up to 538°C. 

The AC-operated sensors operate in the high temperatures of the environment while the signal conditioner is stationed in a non-volatile area

They feature friction less operation thanks to the absence of physical content between the housing and the core. The LVDTs are available in ranges from ± 12.7 mm to ± 254 mm. NewTek’s LVDT signal conditioning can pair with AC-operated LVDTs enabling digital communications via RS-485 2-wire multi-drop bus.

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