M12 Power in L-coding

Available with push-in field connection technology

  • M12 Power in L-coding
    M12 Power in L-coding

For the power supply in modern automation applications such as miniature drives or fieldbus modules, interfaces have to be as sturdy, compact and easy to connect as possible – in equal measure. HARTING is offering the M12 Power in standardised L-coding for powerful but nevertheless space-saving power supplies to compact devices. 

Wide temperature range

The connectors are now available in the familiar push-in connection technology with immediate effect. As is customary with M12 connectors, the power version with push-in connection technology is also vibration-proof and maintenance-free. It boasts a wide connection range from 0.5 to 2.5 mm2 and a current-carrying capacity of up to 16 A. This means the power version is also the right interface for energy-hungry, compact devices. The push-in connection technology is child’s play to connect in the field, not requiring any special tools and saving time in the process. In this way, it can transmit 16 A at 63 V AC/DC, thereby saving space. Safe IP 65 protection and a temperature range of -40 °C to +125 °C make the M12 Power with L-coding a reliable device connector in all areas of application. Besides the cable connector, HARTING also offers matching wall bushings and PCB sockets in Power L-coding for devices.