Magnetic Jack

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Provides plug-and-play PoE+ capability

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Magnetic Jack
Magnetic Jack

Meeting the IEE802.3at standard, the PoE+ power source equipment (PSE), single port magnetic jack, series 85759, is based on the RJ45 jack and is backwards compatible with the PoE IEEE802.3af standard. Developed by Molex, it is a complete, plug-and-play module that provides a simplified design process and an easy migration path from using standard power supplies to PoE+ capability. Except the power supply, the series contains the entire single port PSE; integrating the RJ45 connector with two LEDs, gigabit PoE+ Ethernet magnetics, and high-power PSE controller. All that is required is a simple 51V for PoE+ or 48V for PoE to automatically manage and control power to connected Ethernet devices. The module has an external reset feature and capability to set maximum PoE class requirements (maximum power delivery allowed). Multiple LED configurations and colors are available, including single and bi-color.

Posted on October 17, 2011 - (53 views)
Molex Deutschland GmbH
Otto-Hahn-Straße 1b
69190 Walldorf - Germany
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