Manufacturing Workstation for Real ABS 3D Printing

Accurate 3D printing with measurable dimensional accuracy of ± 0.2mm

  • Manufacturing Workstation for Real ABS 3D Printing
    Manufacturing Workstation for Real ABS 3D Printing

Method X by MakerBot is a manufacturing workstation designed to challenge traditional manufacturing with real ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) material, a 100°C chamber and Stratasys SR-30 soluble supports to provide great dimensional accuracy, precision, and reliability for complex and durable parts. Method X brings 3D printing to manufacturing in a cost-effective way compared to traditional industrial 3D printing. It can print real ABS that can withstand up to 15°C higher temperatures, is more rigid (up to 26%), and is stronger (up to 12%) than modified ABS formulations used in other desktop 3D printers.

Designed as an automated and tinker-free industrial 3D printing system

Real ABS parts printed on Method X feature no warping or cracking that can occur when printing modified ABS on desktop platforms without heated chambers. Method X includes a 100°C circulating heated chamber that reduces part deformation while increasing part durability and surface finish. The Stratasys SR-30 material is a technology brought by Stratasys for easy and fast support removal. With Method X, it enables to print unrestricted geometries, such as large overhangs, cavities, and shelled parts, with freedom of design. In addition, Method X includes dry-sealed material bays, dual performance extruders, soluble supports, and an ultra-rigid metal frame. Moreover, the platform provides a seamless CAD to part workflow and includes 21 onboard sensors.

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