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Measurement System
Measurement System

Offering universal connectivity and flexible I/O modules, ProfiMessage from Delphin is suitable for data acquisition, monitoring and automation of machinery, plant, and test stands. Its Profibus-DP, Modbus or Can-bus interfaces enable connection to PLC control systems for data exchange. Analog and digital sensor signals can be recorded simultaneously to an independent 16 GB memory for subsequent data analysis and evaluation. The data in the memory can be read out via an onboard USB or Ethernet interface. Each I/O is differential, high precision, and galvanically isolated. Depending on the I/O module used each input can be configured separately to measure mV, mA, RTDs and thermocouples. The modular system is also equipped with digital inputs that function as status or frequency inputs, and digital/analog outputs. Easily configured, the integral software enables such functions as limit value monitoring, integration or online computations. This allows the devices to be effectively deployed as monitoring or record-keeping systems.

Posted on October 17, 2011 - (39 views)
Delphin Technology AG
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