Miniature Hexapod

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Positions a 10 kg payload with a 0.1 µm resolution

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Miniature Hexapod
Miniature Hexapod

Featuring a height of 157 mm, the BORA miniature positioning hexapod from SYMETRIE can position a 10 kg payload with a 0.1 µm resolution. It offers travel ranges of 30mm in translation and 20° in rotation. Its 10N/μm stiffness ensures a high stability and guarantees positioning quality over time. Suitable for the most demanding optical applications, the hexapod can be integrated in a limited space. It comes with its controller and an ergonomic software, which enables users to quickly learn how to use it and to easily configure the rotation centre. A hexapod, which is a parallel mechanical system with 6º of freedom, has several advantages compared to usual stacking stages: the setting is more intuitive and faster, there is higher accuracy due to non-cumulative joint error, higher payload to weight ratio, since the payload is supported by several legs in parallel, and higher structural rigidity.

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