Motor Drive Assembly for Higher Efficiency Levels

Emerson Industrial Automation launched into the market a set of solutions to drive refrigeration compressors efficiently

  • Motor Drive Assembly for Higher Efficiency Levels
    Motor Drive Assembly for Higher Efficiency Levels

An industrial refrigeration installation is extremely energy-intensive. It can account for up to 85% of a production site's total electricity consumption. Emerson offers a drive solution at the leading edge of commercially-available variable speed technologies: the Dyneo® motor-drive assembly.

A Leroy-Somer innovation, Dyneo® is a set of solutions consisting of permanent magnet synchronous motors and electronic drives which generate considerable energy savings and offer substantial advantages to the refrigeration market. At rated speed, motors in the Dyneo® range (0.75 to 300 kW - 375 to 5500 rpm) achieve much higher efficiency levels than premium-efficiency induction motors.

This difference becomes even greater when running below rated speed, which is typical of industrial refrigeration where the need varies considerably according to the seasons and production rates. Motors in the Dyneo® range are designed to run faster than induction motors, which allows the motor speed to be adapted to the speed of the machine being driven and increase its performance.

This overspeed offers additional refrigeration capacity for a given device and therefore avoids starting up another compressor during a production peak. Moreover, it allows the number of compressors on a given installation to be optimised. The range is available in two variants: compact or interchangeable with standard IEC motors, for easy mounting and integration in compressors. Combined with the Powerdrive range of drives, they offer a drive solution perfectly suited to refrigeration requirements.

With an effective control mechanism combined with numerous functions, the Powerdrive MD2 series of modular drives control permanent magnet motors in closed loop mode or in sensorless mode. In addition, Emerson has developed the new Powerdrive FX series, from 22 kW to 90 kW, which offers a built-in EMC filter and line choke, all in an exceptionally compact version.

Powerdrive FX shares the same control interface, the same processor and the same latest algorithm as Powerdrive MD2. Extremely compact, these drives are available in a cabinet (IP21 or IP54), wall-mounted (IP21 ou IP54) or chassis-mounted (IP00) with a colour parameter-setting and supervision HMI console.

Moreover, Emerson offers the "equipped" solution with all the functions used by compressor sets: built-in fused isolator, emergency stop, RFI filter, pilot lights, contactors for pump feeders, etc. An economical high-performance drive solution, Dyneo® is a boon for compressor applications in industrial refrigeration.

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