Move and Lift Equipment

for Hazardous Operating Conditions

  • Move and Lift Equipment
    Move and Lift Equipment

J D Neuhaus products include hydraulic and air operated equipment, with the latter being designed and appropriately Ex rated for safe operation within potentially explosive atmospheres or otherwise dirty, dusty or similarly hazardous operating conditions. Products can be supplied for light, medium and heavy duty lifting and pulling operations ranging from 250kg up to 100 tonnes per unit, with twin hoist products utilised in tandem or parallel operations providing the capability of individual vertical lifts and load movements in excess of 200 tonnes. The products combine reliability with 100% duty ratings for wide-ranging engineering requirements, as well as specialised applications including mining, tunnelling, shipbuilding, steelworks, chemical plants, oil and gas exploration and ore extraction. With a product range that has been built and engineered for extremes, operating performance, reliability and longevity is also guaranteed.

Additional products include JDN mini air hoists for lighter engineering applications together with both air and hydraulically operated Profi and monorail hoists together with cranes and crane kit systems. Trolley systems to provide horizontal load movements for overhead rail mounted hoists will also be featured, including trolley systems for low and ultra low headroom applications. Specialised products including the latest subsea hoists (for operation at depths of 70 metres), together with cryogenic hoists for operation at arctic temperatures down to  40°C, and big-bag handling hoists for the efficient handling of powder or other free flowing materials will also be digitally represented.

The latest versions of both the new Profi and EH hoists, rated for 75 and 100 tonnes load applications, will also be featured, highlighting increased speed for both lift and lower operations, even under fully loaded conditions. This is combined with appreciable air/power savings, reductions in both physical sizes and sound levels during operation. These benefits result from the introduction of a new air motor unit which provides 10kW output at 6 bar air pressure.