Multi-touch Input System

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Glass surface covering entire operating area


Multi-touch Input System
Multi-touch Input System

With the new PCI (projected capacitive input) touch-screen technology, SCHURTER expanded its family of input systems with glass surfaces that cover the entire operating area on the front. Available in screen sizes from 3.5 to 22”, the PCI touch panels function with high positioning accuracy, are easy to clean, resistant to scratches, abrasion as well as chemicals and find a wide variety of applications in industrial automation and machine construction. Touch gestures such as such as spreading fingers to zoom or flicking to scroll quickly are evaluated by the application software. The panel becomes an intuitive and completely integrated operating concept. Glass offers many options in ergonomic design because of its double-sided printing and the design of customer-specific geometries as well as a variety of surface structures. Gapless bonding to a carrier plate or in a housing allows the continuous mechanical protection of the glass edges and simplifies assembly of the display and its electronics. The use of multi-touch sensors made from ITO (indium tin oxide) foil layers also allows arched operating panels. Options include illuminated function keys, sliders and wheels outside the multi-touch display’s active surface and integrated behind the glass panel. Interface choices include USB, RS-232, I2C, and SPI.

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