Multiphysics Simulator

Accelerates time to market

  • Multiphysics Simulator
    Multiphysics Simulator

Engineered to support manufacturers, the SimLab sT from Altair enables to leverage multiphysics simulation to explore design proposals, drive innovation and quicken product development. It automates every step of the simulation process with shareable workflows including live bi-directional connections to CAD systems. In consequence, it helps to make informed and reliable design decisions faster.

A new user experience that opens new markets

Through the new user experience, the SimLab sT accelerates simulation cycle time and expands the addressable markets for high-end multiphysics analysis. It also benefits from the introduction of embedded physics solvers for statics, dynamics, heat transfer, fluid flow and electromagnetics. This solution is available through two licensing models with distinct advantages: Altair’s solidThinking and Altair’s HyperWorks.

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