Nexcom Increases Production Capacity by 50%

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Opening of a New Manufacturing Site in Banqiao, Taiwan

Nexcom Increases Production Capacity by 50%
Nexcom Increases Production Capacity by 50%

Nexcom, manufacturer of Mobile and Industrial Computer Solutions, has announced that it has moved its manufacturing facility from Zhonghe to a much larger site in Banqiao, Taiwan. The new production facility comes with a 50% increase in floor space to 10,000 square meters. Furthermore, the new factory includes a SMT line, DIP line and a system line, increasing the production capacity by 50%. With this increase in capacity, Nexcom wants to be able to accommodate its expected business growth.
Nexcom's production capacity for PCBA can now reach 40,000pcs per month while system assembly can reach 25,000sets per month; furthermore, plans are already finalized to increase capacity by an additional 5,000pcs per month and 5,000sets per month by the year 2012. Nexcom predicts further growth in its factory capacity and expects to be capable of producing 50,000pcs per month and 35,000sets per month by 2014. The planned growth of this factory is expected to accommodate the needs and requirements of Nexcom and its customers for the next 3-5 years.

Posted on February 15, 2011 - (8722 views)
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