NH XNH Fuse Disconnector

In combination with SmartWire-DT the units help increase transparency and profitability

  • NH XNH Fuse Disconnector
    NH XNH Fuse Disconnector

Eaton is launching its next generation of NH XNH fuse disconnectors. The performance profile and easy installation of the devices allow for a safer, more cost-effective and time-saving project implementation. The power management company's new fuse disconnector is also the first fuse-equipped NH switchgear that can be connected to SmartWire-DT as standard.

As part of the xEffect switchgear series, the XNH range has a wide selection of device versions and an extensive range of accessories. This allows it to meet the requirements of many different and demanding applications in the fields of machine and system building and classic energy distribution. As such, Eaton is bringing a device series to the market that offers even more safety functions than required by the IEC/EN 60947-3 standard.

To connect to SmartWire-DT - Eaton's intelligent wiring and communication system - a communication module is simply plugged into the XNH switchgear. This allows the fuse status, switch position and power values to be documented and monitored continuously. The data can be transmitted via gateways to all established industrial field buses. As a result, responsible personnel can detect critical states early from the control centre and locate the source of the problem immediately.

The fuse control light (FCL) fuse monitoring system also helps reduce downtime of the affected circuit in the event of a fault. The FCL indicates fuse failures to the operator via LED, so that the faulty fuse can be immediately identified and replaced on site.

Raised top and side touch guards and anti-twist protection on the cover of the fuse disconnector offers increased operator protection during switching processes. Eaton has integrated touch protection into the design by safely separating the current-carrying parts on the device and in the switch cabinet. There is also a locking mechanism for a U-lock to protect against unauthorised switching. When service work is being carried out, the operator can move the cover including the fuses to a 'park position' and secure it to the locking mechanism using a cable tie, for example.

Additional features include a power anti-theft device, overlay on all sides and multi-sided connection technology, as well as box, bolt, lug, prism and double-prism terminals.

The XNH switchgear is available in sizes 00, 1, 2 and 3. The series features three-pole as well as one, two and four-pole devices for a busbar, installation plate and mounting rail. With the version for the 60 mm busbar system, e.g. Eaton's Sasy 60i, the cable connection at the bottom can be converted easily to a top connection.

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