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Fischer Connectors makes meeting customer needs - from brainstorming to deployment – a priority; TraceParts has been a reliable partner for broadcasting its offer.

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Fischer Connectors & TraceParts
Fischer Connectors & TraceParts

In 2012 Fischer Connectors turned to TraceParts to be its promotional facilitator and partner in making the connectivity expert’s innovative solutions available to integrators worldwide.TraceParts is a world leading supplier of digital content for industrial designers, for publishing CAD models.
Fischer Connectors is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of connectors, cable assembly solutions and active solutions. Renowned for their reliable and rugged design, its products are used in the most demanding environments and in a wide range of industries, including defence and security, energy, instrumentation, healthcare, transport, broadcasting, food and motorsport, to name but a few.
“We saw TraceParts as an additional springboard for bringing innovation to our customers,” declared Hassan Fadli, Head of Product Design at Fischer Connectors. “Our customers are designer engineers who need access to an end-to-end range of innovative and ultra-robust connectivity solutions to support the design and implementation of their application throughout the product lifecycle, from start to finish.”
TraceParts also gives our company greater exposure and allows us to showcase our expertise in meeting the specific and varied needs of our customers, adds his R&D colleague Julien Dauphin, Designer & CAD Administrator. He also highlighted the superior efficiency and effectiveness: "Eversince we’ve been using the TraceParts Smart-Publishing solution to independently update our catalog, we’ve saved time in our processes."

Posted on March 2, 2021 - (299 views)
Fischer Connectors GmbH
Georg-Wimmer-Ring 10
85604 Zorneding - Germany
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