Portfolio of Plug & Use Active Devices

Enhance integration capability for connectivity innovations

  • Portfolio of Plug & Use Active Devices
    Portfolio of Plug & Use Active Devices

Nine new products expand Fischer’s portfolio of extensions. These major extensions from the LP360 products help the Fischer FreedomTM Series serve as a technology platform in connectivity, setting new standards in usability, integration capability and versatility. They fit the use in application design in terms of SWaP (Size, Weight and Power) requirements, cable management optimization, electronic network integration and wearable technology. They all use the versatile and modular connectivity technology of the Fischer LP360 connector. They feature no key code and non-magnetic quick-release locking for easy 360° mating, membrane-sealed contacts for easy cleaning, and an easy integration through low-profile design and ergonomics.

A ready-to-use solution that optimizes the usability, operability and functionality of robotic systems or smart vests

Among the new major extensions are available: in size 14 (seven contacts), cabled receptacle and panel plug, USB 2.0 adaptor, LED, rugged flash drive, and in size 08 (four contacts), signal & power contacts in plastic with cabled plug and panel receptacle, or in metal with panel receptacle and panel plug. The Freedom Series allows design engineers to integrate more technology and functionality into fixed or wearable ecosystems and cable-free devices. The new USB 2.0 adaptor, LED and flash drive integrate the Fischer LP360TM panel plug directly into their housing.

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