Oil Analysis Service

Chevron’s LubeWatch is available across UK, Europe and Export markets

  • Oil Analysis Service
    Oil Analysis Service

With fast and efficient turnaround times, the Chevron Lubewatch oil analysis service has just passed a significant milestone and customers from a wide variety of sectors are seeing the benefits. A total of 17,046 samples were processed at its UK facility in the 18 month period between 01 January 2014 and 31 July 2015. 

Customers from across a wide variety of sectors, including truck and bus, agriculture, construction, mining & quarrying and powergen can benefit greatly from a better understanding of how their fluids are operating. LubeWatch oil analysis enables customers to monitor the performance of equipment, help optimise oil replacement intervals, identify lubricant-related needs and understand any changes to their environment. This knowledge in turn helps with the precise scheduling of maintenance work that can reduce downtime and help eliminate the risk of catastrophic failure. 

The Chevron Lubewatch programme promises customers reliable interpretation of their test results and recommends actions where necessary. In addition to advanced technical services, including component failure and wear particle analysis, customers can take advantage of expert training and in-field advice and support

One of the most important and exceptional aspects of Lubewatch is the delivery it achieves in its turnaround times. Customers can expect their oil analysis to be completed within 48 hours of the sample arriving at the lab and a report generated and available to view via a secure online portal 24 hours after that. 

Paul Nadin-Salter of Chevron Lubricants commented; “The driving force behind Lubewatch is to bring greater value to our customers through accurate and insightful data interpretation. Equipment performance reliability is key in every sector, so providing outstanding technical expertise and service to our distributors and customers is something we take very seriously and are extremely proud of.” 

The Chevron oil-analysis service could not be simpler for customers to use, following five easy steps: 

• Oil kits, which include sample bottles, tubing, mailing bags and analysis request forms are held at a fulfilment centre and sent to customers upon request 

• Customers collect an oil sample and send it back to the designated lab 

• The lab completes the testing and sends the raw data to a central point 

• Test results are uploaded to an online system and conclusions drawn 

• Reports are generated and shared electronically with the customer.

Nadin-Salter continued; “In addition to the assurance of optimum oil and system operational performance, Chevron is able to give customers historical data about equipment performance thanks to a comprehensive database dating back at least two years.” 

The Lubewatch programme offers five basic test packages as well as a wide variety of specialised testing procedures. Standard packages include lubrication; industrial oils; diesel crankcase; turbine oils and gas engine oils.