Organic Thermoplastic in the World of Plastic

Bülte launched a new series products based on organic thermoplastic polymer for engineering applications

  • Bülte's Screws available in PEEK material
    Bülte's Screws available in PEEK material

For over 60 years, Bülte has catered to the needs for plastic protection and fasteners in varied industries. Established in Germany, England, and France, family-owned company with international reach announced a new series of products based on organic thermoplastic polymer used in engineering applications, PEEK.

Heat-resistant and robust but lightweight 

Considered as one of the top-of-the-range plastics, PEEK is a thermoplastic with excellent mechanical and chemical resistance properties that are retained to high temperatures (oils, hydrocarbures). Because of its robustness, it is used in particular to build items used in demanding applications, including bearings, piston parts, pumps, compressor plate valves and electrical cable insulation. Due to its low flammability (UL 94), it is one of the few plastics compatible with ultra-high vacuum applications, which makes it suitable for many types of industries. PEEK is also considered an advanced biomaterial relevant for medical implants. Lastly, being inferior in density compared to metal makes it an excellent substitute in cases where weight is a limiting factor in the final product.

Fit for high-tech industries

Thanks to the combination of all these properties, PEEK is a material of choice in the manufacture of technical and/or electrical parts.The PEEK is particularly adapted and recommended for use in the following high-tech industries: Energy (Oil, Nuclear), Medical & Pharmaceutical (replacing glass, stainless steel or other metals), Chemical, Automotive (manufacturing of steering elements, clutch or brake components, etc.), Electronic industry (insulators, connectors and supports).

Available at Bülte in “PEEK” Material

-    Washers ˜ DIN 125 / EN ISO 7089 / DIN 34815 from M4 to M12
-    Hex socket head screws ˜ DIN 912 from M4 to M12 (lengths 10 to 70mm)
-    Hex head screws ˜ DIN 933 from M4 to M12 (lengths 10 to 60mm)
-    Hex nuts ISO 4032 from M4 to M12