“Our First Goal is to Increase the Production Capacity of Sensors and Thermocouple Connectors”

Interview with Martin Riddett, Managing Director of Labfacility

  • Martin Riddett is Managing Director at Labfacility.
    Martin Riddett is Managing Director at Labfacility.
  • The supplier offers a large portfolio of temperature sensors.
    The supplier offers a large portfolio of temperature sensors.
  • Labfacility recently introduced the L300 multi-function temperature monitor.
    Labfacility recently introduced the L300 multi-function temperature monitor.

IEN: Why does Labfacility specialise in manufacturing established thermocouple and platinum resistance thermometer temperature sensors?
Riddett: Alongside the development of increasingly sophisticated temperature sensing devices, both contact and non-contact, industry relies heavily on the established stalwarts - the thermocouple and platinum resistance thermometer. The reason for this is four fold; firstly they are established sensors around which most instrumentation is designed. Secondly, they are readily, internationally interchangeable with manufacturers world-wide producing to established, international standards. Thirdly, they are still the most versatile temperature sensors, variants spanning from cryogenic to high temperature applications. Fourthly, they represent the best value for money with basic thermocouple assemblies costing just a few Euros.

IEN: What is the main future direction of the Company?
Riddett: Our first goal for the future is to increase the production capacity of sensors and thermocouple connectors to cope with increasing international demand. Labfacility currently exports to more than 80 countries. In addition, we are constantly striving to further develop high accuracy temperature measurement instrumentation to supply the growing demand for precision and repeatability. This development is driven by more demanding Quality Control regimes and close tolerance processes. Our third big aim is to research increasingly innovative ways to measure and acquire temperature data, to check and calibrate instrumentation and to provide alarm & control functions in a highly user-friendly presentation, all concentrating on discreet products. There are plenty of established companies providing system solutions.

IEN: What about parameters other than temperature?
Riddett: With the exception of Relative Humidity sensing and measurement, our core product range will continue to be in temperature. We think that our specialisation is an important element in our success and will continue to be so.

IEN: Does Labfacility offer application advice and technical support?
Riddett: Absolutely. We supply advice and technical support permanently and freely, both before and after the sale. In fact, this is a key factor in the growth of the company. Our custom design service is also free of charge and is widely used by our customers for Research & Development, experimentation applications and replacements for obsolete sensors.

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