Fine Wire Versatile Thermocouples

Available in IEC and ANSI versions

  • PTFE insulated IEC Exposed Junction Thermocouple - Type K
    PTFE insulated IEC Exposed Junction Thermocouple - Type K

Labfacility, specialist in temperature and process technology offer PFA, PTFE and glass fibre cables with various terminations such as a moulded on miniature plug or bare wire tails. IEC and ANSI versions are available. An exposed junction thermocouple is the simplest form of thermocouple. It consists of two pieces of thermocouple wire joined together with a welded bead. 

Ideal for test & development applications

For instance, the PTFE insulated IEC Exposed Junction Thermocouples (types K, J, T) feature fast response and welded exposed junction available in Class 1 cable specification in accordance with BS EN 60584-3:2008 with a miniature plug termination.

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