Thermocouples with Moulded-On Connectors

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General purpose, needle and mineral insulated varietis

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Thermocouples with Moulded-On Connectors
Thermocouples with Moulded-On Connectors

Labfacility have launched their own manufactured range of Thermocouples with Moulded-On Connectors to complement their existing vast range of Thermocouples which have their stand alone Connector fitted. The moulded -on Thermocouples are available in a range of types - Type K being the most popular. Current varieties include General purpose, Needle and Mineral Insulated. The range is being continually expanded to incorporate the Iec ( European ) , Ansi ( USA) and JIS ( Japanese) colour codes. The Moulded plug gives a robust construction as well as providing a waterproof termination.

Posted on March 11, 2016 - (384 views)
Labfacility Ltd
Unit 5 & 7, Block K Southern Cross Ind'l Estate
PO22 9SE Bognor Regis - United Kingdom
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