Porous Aluminium Products

This material from Exxentis is ideal for different applications, such as vacuum creation, heat exchangers and acoustic insulation

  • Porous Aluminium Products
    Porous Aluminium Products

Exxentis is a Swiss company specialised in porous aluminium products. They are manufactured by means of salt casting and are specially designed to offer the many advantages. Moreover, since the pores of popular sintered metals correspond to the metal in porous aluminium and vice versa, the two materials complement each other well in terms of structure.

Suitable for different applications

Porous aluminium with a small pore size is used in vacuum tables or plates for creating vacuums. Complex vacuum moulds or press moulds are deployed in areas such as thermoforming or to produce foam materials made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) or expanded polypropylene (EPP). Given that it has a high specific surface area and is completely permeable, porous aluminium is equally well suited to manufacturing next-generation heat exchangers. Its open cell structure and high specific surface area also make the material a great choice for providing effective acoustic insulation.


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