Portable Photo-radiometer Data Logger

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With a laser to indicate the analyzed source

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Portable Photo-radiometer Data Logger
Portable Photo-radiometer Data Logger

Delta Ohm presents HD2402, a portable photo-radiometer data logger for the measurement of noncoherent optical radiation in accordance with European Directive 2006/25/ EC and the Legislative Decree No 81, April 9, 2008. The instrument consists of a series of sensors to cover different portions of the spectrum and a small laser which is used to indicate the analyzed source. The various sensors operate in the following spectral fields: photometric sensor for measuring the illuminance (lux meter) in the spectral range 380÷780 nm; radiometric sensor for the UV band (220÷400 nm) with spectral weighing factor S(λ); radiometric sensor for UVA band (315÷400 nm); radiometric sensor for the band 400÷700 nm (blue) with spectral weighing factor B (λ); radiometric sensor for the IR band (700÷1300 nm) with spectral weighing factor R(λ); thermopile sensor for the measurement of irradiance in the infrared spectral range 400÷2800 nm.

The HD2402 can be powered either by connecting it to a PC, receiving power directly from the USB port of your PC, or via an external power supply with USB output (code SWD05). The CP24 connection cable is fitted with a M12 connector on the instrument side and an USB type A connector on the PC side or to the power supply SWD05. Using the software DeltaLog13 from version and a PC, the HD2402 can be configured (calendar, date, time, start and duration of logging), and you can download and analyze the stored data or acquire the real-time data. Once configured, the data logger can be disconnected from the PC and connected to its power supply for capturing and storing data according to the programmed settings.

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