Portable Rugged Dew-point Hygrometer

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Designed for moisture measurement in gases

Test & Measurement

Portable Rugged Dew-point Hygrometer
Portable Rugged Dew-point Hygrometer

Alpha Moisture Systems introduced the SADPmini2 range as the latest Portable Dew-point Meters in the range of dewpoint hygrometers. Among this range, the SADPmini2-Ex is suitable for use in hazardous areas to ATEX, IECEx & cULus. This range measures the moisture content of most gases and dry compressed air between -110°C to +20°C dewpoint. It includes the “Dry-Down Desiccant Chamber” that allows spot check results on sample gases within minutes.

150 hours continuous operation on a single charge

These hygrometers comprise other features such as AUTOCAL (Automatic Calibration) for optimum accuracy between laboratory calibrations, rechargeable Li-ion batteries, full onboard data logging capability, an intuitive control panel, and full color graphical display that can display results in two different units simultaneously. In addition, they feature Bluetooth wireless connectivity and a “screenshot” option for instantaneous capture of process results for subsequent downloading or printing wirelessly.

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