Power Modules BSM300D12P2E001

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For high power applications

Energy Efficiency

Power Modules BSM300D12P2E001
Power Modules BSM300D12P2E001

ROHM Semiconductor presents its latest Power modules for high-reliable, high-speed switching as well as SiC MOSFET driving. All devices not only offer optimized power management features but also innovative and compact package design tailored to the needs of a wide range of applications, e.g. large power supplies, inverters, industrial equipment, servers, and others. Highlights Full SiC 1200V/300A Power Modules The new BSM300D12P2E001 is especially suitable for high power applications such as large-capacity power supplies for industrial equipment due to its 300A rated current.

In addition, 77% lower switching loss vs. conventional IGBT modules enables high-frequency operation, contributing to smaller cooling countermeasures and peripheral components. ROHM included a new package design that is able to minimize the impact of surge voltage during switching. An original electric field mitigation structure, along with a novel screening method, is utilized to provide high reliability, making it a perfect replacement for IGBT modules with higher maximum current rating.

The new device complements the existing full SiC power module range featuring 1200V/120A (MOSFET and SBD included) respectively 1200V/180A (MOSFET only) which has already seen increased adoption in the industrial and power sectors. IGBT-IPMs (Intelligent Power Modules) ROHM's new IPM (Intelligent Power Module) family for power-efficient motor driving and inverter applications includes IGBT based modules optimized for low or high speed operation as well as MOSFET based IPMs which incorporate ROHM's proprietary Low Ron SuperJunction MOSFET (PrestoMOS™) within one compact HSDIP25 package.

This offers developers of white goods and industry motors a highly reliable solution and a multitude of cost-efficient design options. The new devices significantly reduce power loss at light and heavy loads while increasing power capability. The full line-up contains 10A, 15A and 20A versions of 600V IGBT-IPMs, 30A versions are under development. AC/DC Converter Control ICs for SiC MOSFETs The BD7682FJ-LB allows the easy implementation of SiC-MOSFETs to an AC/DC converter overcoming the challenge of discrete configurations. It provides a highly integrated solution and creates new standards for energy savings and miniaturization while supporting the adoption of SiC power semiconductors.

Compared to silicon MOSFETs used in conventional AC/DC converters, SiC MOSFETs enable AC/DC converters with improved power efficiency of up to 6%. Furthermore, components used for heat dissipation are not required (50W Class power supplies), leading to greater compactness. The specification of BD7682FJ-LB also include multiple protection functions that enable support for high voltages up to 690VAC, making them ideal for general industrial equipment while improving reliability.

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