Pressure Measurement S-Tape Basic

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With a flexible, robust and plane handling

Sensor Technology

Pressure Measurement S-Tape Basic
Pressure Measurement S-Tape Basic

S-Tape Basic, the measurement system designed by pd²m, is perfect for spatial resolution of dynamic pressure and tension in fluid or mechanical systems as well as structure-borne noise with minimum footprint. The system targets highly beneficial applications in fluid power metal working, milling and transport processes or aerodynamics. With a flexible, robust and plane handling, the sensor can easily be bonded or laminated with minimum time-to-measurement. This way, higher-frequency applications such as Structural Health Monitoring can be realized quickly on any working system or body.

The system consists of a replaceable Sensorarry (Sensorpatch) and a measurement processor device that integrates multi-channel amplification, digital processing and a wireless data transmission unit. In the Basic Line the system manages up to 8 measurement-channels simultaneously. · high spatial and temporal pressure resolution · wide pressure- and frequency spectrum covered · shatter-proof, elastic and flexible · thin-film handling for seamless integration · minimum-footprint hardware including telemetry for easy application Sensorpatch The system's transducer is being assembled on our proven polymer-film technology.

With its tenth-millimeter thickness and elastic handling it can be applied on any curved surface or integrated in-between layers of mechanical systems. The transducer is being supplied as thin-film foil sensor-array with 6 or 8 measurement pixels with a diameter of 2 or 4 mm. The integrated temperature sensor is responsible for temperature-compensation. Measurement processor The highly integrated and miniaturized measurement processor is available as 6- and 8-channel system. The Basic Line covers fullscale pressure band from 0.5 to 50 bar with pixel diameters of 2 and 4mm.

The minimum-footprint design with integrated telemetry provides extraordinary handling allowing experimental set-up under highest restrictions on geometry and available installation space. The fully-integrated measurement processor comes with (6 or 8) analog outputs with 0 to 10 V measurement signal and optional wireless (WLAN, Bluetooth) or wired (USB) digital output channel.

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