Pressure Transmitter

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25 to 800 bar pressure ranges possible

Sensor Technology

Pressure Transmitter
Pressure Transmitter

Especially developed for automotive, off-highway applications, STW’s latest pressure transmitter, the M01-CAN, is operational over a pressure range of 25 to 800 bar. The wetted parts, the complete sensor element welded to the pressure connections, are made of stainless steel and compatible with a wide range of media. An integrated damping element is also available. The standard electrical connection is a M12 connector, but other connectors, including customer specific versions are possible. Featuring a CANbus output, the transmitter supports CANopen and SAE J1939 protocols. The CAN baud rate is configurable up to 1Mbit/s, either 11 or 29 bit identifier can be used. The device features 1000 values per second sampling rate as well as integrated, configurable averaging of measured values. Due to its EMC, shock and vibration and temperature performance, it suits rough environments, including mobile-hydraulic applications.

Posted on August 30, 2011 - (609 views)
Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbH
Am Bärenwald 6
87600 Kaufbeuren - Germany
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