Progress in the Electromobility Sector

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MobiliTec relocated to Hall 27, side-by-side with renewable energy offerings

Progress in the Electromobility Sector
Progress in the Electromobility Sector

The electromobility market remains highly charged. There are well over a million eBikes on Germany's roads already, and now the electric car market is slowly taking off as well. Although still not at target levels, growth figures are well over 50 percent. This year Germany licensed its ten thousandth electric car, and the number of hybrid vehicles has also reached a new record.
It is not just the automotive sector that is moving forward. Progress can also be seen in the area of power storage technologies, and the energy industry is investing across the country in projects to make the Smart Grid, the intelligent power grid of the future, a reality. The network of public charging stations to fuel these eCars is also growing: there are now more than 4,000 locations across Germany where drivers of electric vehicles can charge their batteries. At the same time, the share of renewable energies in the energy mix continues to grow steadily. They currently account for around one-fourth of German consumption, trending upward.

The MobiliTec fair showcases progress in electromobility across the board. "This is the only exhibition concept that brings together every facet of electromobility, from infrastructure, renewable energies and information technology to electric and hybrid drive system engineering, and including hydrogen cell design," says Marc Siemering, Deutsche Messe Senior Vice President.

MobiliTec, sponsored by the German Engineering Federation (VDMA) and its Drive Engineering Research Association (FVA), is therefore not exclusively focused on eVehicles, but presents system-based solutions for more environmentally friendly mobility in the future. Individual components as well as final products can be observed in a broad range of application areas. Issues surrounding manufacturing technology play a major role, and are properly showcased at the fair.

These days renewable energies and electromobility are often mentioned in the same breath, so exhibitors at MobiliTec and the leading Energy show will be even closer together at HANNOVER MESSE 2014. For the first time, the electromobility sector and companies offering energy production sourced from wind, solar power, biogas or biomass present their concepts, products and offers under one roof in Hall 27.

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