Regina Matveyor Sideflexing belts 2555 series

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allow flexibility for the packaging industry

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Regina Matveyor Sideflexing belts 2555 series
Regina Matveyor Sideflexing belts 2555 series

The Regina Matve-yor Sideflexing Belts 2555 Series are specifically designed to handle the conveying requirements of the packaging industry. They are sui-table for installation on curvilinear assembly lines downstream of the packaging machines. These belts allow line layout flexibility to adapt to different assembly line paths requiring ''S'', ''L'' or''U'' shape conveyors. In this way they also help to maximize floor space in the plants. The 2555HTB Sideflexing Belt combines TAB and a Radial Bearing retention system in combination with a minimum sideflexing radius. This maximizes the belt life even at higher conveying speeds wihout the risk of overheating. This system guarantees smooth product handling at any speed. Ideal applications for these belts are carton conveyors, shrink wrapped cans and general packaged handling.

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