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iVU TG and iVu BCR from Banner Engineering can be set up

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Banner Engineering has introduced remote display versions to extend the capabilities of its iVu TG Image Sensor and iVu BCR Bar Code Reader. Designed for applications where the sensor must be placed in a difficultto- reach location, these units allow setup and inspection monitoring to be done at a remote control position.

For example, the sensor could be located inside a machine or on an elevated conveyor, with the control unit placed adjacent to a central humanmachine interface for easy operator access. One display unit can control and monitor multiple sensors, thus reducing overall cost.

Applications for the sensors are found in a wide range of industries, including automotive, packaging, material handling, pharmaceutical, plastics, electronics (PCB and assembly), appliances and metalworking.

The iVu TG image sensor monitors parts for type, size, orientation, shape and location. It includes a match sensor to determine whether a pattern on the item being inspected matches a reference, an area sensor to detect presence or absence of a particular feature, and an area sensor that adjusts for motion. The iVu BCR reads all common linear and DataMatrix (ECC200) codes and includes the ability to read multiple codes of different types in the same image.

With intuitive user interface and LCD touch-screen display, the sensors are easy to configure with no need for image processing expertise or an external PC. A USB 2.0 compliant host allows easy updating and diagnostics. They have IP67 rated housings for use in harsh industrial environments. Appropriate cables and mounting brackets are available for all applications. Single-unit models of both products with identical functionality are available for use where remote display is not needed.

Posted on September 30, 2010 - (149 views)
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Banner Engineering is a global leader in the manufacturing of photoelectric sensors, indicator lights, vision sensors and vision lighting, machine safety systems, and wireless sensor networks.

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