Ricoh Electronic Devices and Digi-Key to Partner

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The agreement is set to increase Ricoh’s distribution through an online shop

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Ricoh Electronic Devices and Digi-Key to Partner
Ricoh Electronic Devices and Digi-Key to Partner

Ricoh Electronic Devices and Digi-Key Electronics announced a new global partnership dedicated on the distribution of Ricoh’s Power Management and Real Time Clock ICs. The agreement enables Ricoh to provide its products through another online distribution channel next to the traditional regional distributors. The service will be presented as a one-stop shop that allows design engineers to have direct access to select from a broad range of Ricoh devices for the consumer, automotive and industrial applications.

A one-stop shop for power management and real time clock ICs

Ricoh’s product offering on Digi-key comprises a range of analog ICs delivering low current consumption, high accuracy, small sized packages and high reliability. Among the featured products, the LDO voltage regulators fit the use in specific products with advanced current saving technology, low output noise or fast transient response. The DC/DC converters are available in buck, boost and buck-boost configurations in both low and high operating voltages. They can achieve a high efficiency voltage conversion in either Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) or Variable Frequency Modulation (VFM) operating mode. The load switches, supervisory ICs and real time clock ICs complete this portfolio.

Posted on November 8, 2019 - (457 views)
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