Robotic Process Automation

To design efficient processes with RPA

  • Robotic Process Automation
    Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) presented by AWS Institut is a software robot that takes over roles and tasks from users and interacts with other software systems. Unlike traditional process automation systems, this robot-controlled process automation does not require a deeper change in the software architecture of a company. The robot attaches itself to the user interfaces and surfaces of the systems and carries out the work steps in the same way as the human clerk has carried out them up to now. The previously used application systems remain untouched. This means that the company does not incur any costs for a system-technical conversion or for a complex integration process.

Areas of application

There are promising areas of application for RPA in all areas of the company, which means that high-cost saving potentials and productivity gains can be realized. Especially less complex, repetitive processes are suitable for automation with RPA.

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