Schurter AG has elected Christian Holzgang as new CEO

To cope with the current economic turmoil, the company focuses on its innovative strength

  • April 3, 2015
  • Schurter AG has elected Christian Holzgang as new CEO
    Schurter AG has elected Christian Holzgang as new CEO

Around 440 members of staff at SCHURTER AG, Switzerland, and 1,600 employees at the SCHURTER Group worldwide are active in the development, production and manufacture of electronic components, both for standard products and client-specific solutions. With SCHURTER exporting 85 % of its products, similar to other export companies, the enterprise is now confronted with the effects of the Euro crisis. However, thanks to its international setup, SCHURTER is in a good position to master the challenges posed by the weak Euro.

Innovative strength, entrepreneurial spirit and extensive network
SCHURTER's key strengths are innovation and solid entrepreneurship, a combination that has ensured the success of the internationally active family enterprise for over 80 years. To continue its successful track record, especially in these challenging times, Christian Holzgang is carrying on SCHURTER's tradition of focusing specifically on new developments. The company invests over 10 % of its turnover in R&D to further strengthen its position as innovation and technological market leader. Christian Holzgang's management credo encompasses the the "5Vs" which have been firmly established in SCHURTER's corporate culture: Vorbild (paradigm), Vertrauen (trust), Verantwortung (responsibility), Veränderung (change) and Vernetzung (networking). The new CEO considers SCHURTER's networking capabilities to be a particular strength that also has a lot of future potential: Interdisciplinary collaboration and internal transfers of knowledge regularly result in innovative products and manufacturing systems with great market potential.

Commitment to excellence
In 2014, SCHURTER AG received the ESPRIX Swiss Award for Excellence in the large-scale enterprise category. According to Christian Holzgang, this honor commits the entire staff at Schurter to the continued delivery of above-average, sustainable solutions in all divisions.

Experience and commitment
Christian Holzgang holds the degree of Dipl. Masch.-Ing. ETH Zürich (mechanical engineering and technology process engineering) and an Executive MBA from the University of St. Gallen. He started his career at Bosch Elektrowerkzeuge, as a development engineer and subsequently as projectmanager of an international product development project to establish a new production plant in Hangzhou/China. Before changing to SCHURTER, he was working in the capacity of head of the maxon medical business unit at maxon motor ag. Christian Holzgang is 40 years old and is married with two daughters. He has taken over from Ralph Müller who had been at the helm of SCHURTER AG for 5 years and was appointed CEO of the SCHURTER Group as per January 1, 2015.