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On average 30% more energy efficient

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Screw Blower
Screw Blower

The introduction of air blowers using internal compression instead of external compression sets a new standard for energy efficiency in the low-pressure market. The on average 30% percent more energy efficient screw technology is used in the Atlas Copco’s recently introduced full range of ZS screw blowers that improve energy efficiency for low-pressure applications and industries such as wastewater treatment and pneumatic conveying. Tests certified by TÜV have have proven that the ZS is 23,8% more energy-efficient than a tri-lobe blower at 0,5 bar(e) and 39,7% 0.9 bar(e).

Posted on August 25, 2011 - (3563 views)
Atlas Copco Air Power - Oil Free Division
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2610 Wilrijk - Belgium
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