Sensor+Test 2011: Back to its Old Strength

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increase in booked exhibitors by a third compared to same time period last year

Sensor+Test 2011: Back to its Old Strength
Sensor+Test 2011: Back to its Old Strength

Continued positive reports from the industry are reflected by the current booking status for the Sensor+Test 2011 (7 – 9 June, Nürnberg Exhibition Centre). Compared to last year’s figures at the same time, the organisers confirm an increase in booked exhibitors by a third. “We’re back to the level we had two years ago, in other words before the crisis,” says Holger Bödeker, Managing Director of the AMA Service GmbH, and emphasizes the big difference by adding, “back then we plunged into the slump right after the fair, today all parameters are pointing upwards.”

Posted on November 22, 2010 - (13540 views)
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