Servo Drive Systems

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For positioning tasks with high dynamics

Motors & Drives, Industry 4.0

Servo Drive Systems
Servo Drive Systems

To facilitate the change from hydraulics and pneumatics to electrical drive systems, servo drive system specialist ESR Pollmeier offers linear actuators and tubular linear motors. The robust linear actuators are used as a clean alternative for hydraulic cylinders in applications in which high forces and quick load changes are important. As a substitute for pneumatic cylinders, the tubular linear motors by ESR provide an economic and flexible solution for positioning tasks with high dynamics. Linear drive systems on the basis of spindles, toothed belts, or classic-style linear motors are also included in the product range of ESR. For rotatory applications, motor-gearbox combinations and torque motors are available.

With these, the user gets all advantages of the servo technology in order to position quickly, precisely, and powerfully, e. g. in handling and assembly or in measuring machines and test stands. Matching the motors, the German company offers the Servo Drives New Generation with integrated safety system and direct mains connection in the power range of 0.2 to 15 kW. The drive system packages can be used as stand-alone solutions with operating terminal as well as in automation systems. At stand 4-220 in hall 4, the servo drive systems can be seen in action. Furthermore, possibilities of integrating the servo drive systems in Industry 4.0 are shown on the basis of the common Industrial Ethernet variants.

Posted on November 4, 2015 - (157 views)
ESR Pollmeier GmbH
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