Simplified Centralised Management of Edge-based Infrastructure

Stratus Technologies announced enhancements to its ztC Edge Computing platform

  • ztC Edge Computing made easy
    ztC Edge Computing made easy

Stratus Technologies, a global player in simplified, protected, autonomous Edge Computing platforms, released the Stratus Redundant Linux (SRL) version 2.2 and offers a preview of a new, comprehensive edge systems management solution, ztC™ Advisor. These enhancements enable optimal infrastructure performance, utilisation, and faster time-to-value to ensure simple, protected, and autonomous business operations.

Stratus Redundant Linux (SRL) version 2.2

Stratus Redundant Linux 2.2, ztC Edge’s core operating system, features an enhanced application interface, REST API, that provides more information via the web about ztC Edge’s virtual machines (VMs) and their current state. This capability allows teams to remotely optimise infrastructure performance and utilisation. SRL 2.2 also includes additional software and security updates.

ztC Advisor: Comprehensive Remote Systems Management

With ztC Advisor, Stratus introduces a new edge systems management solution to simplify centralised monitoring and management of a customer’s entire ztC Edge computing infrastructure. The new solution offers a secure web-based portal that anyone in operations or IT can use to quickly and easily view the health and utilisation of their entire ztC Edge inventory, remotely triage issues, improve productivity, and mitigate risk.

Preview of ztC Advisor’s first features:

•    A comprehensive asset management overview of all ztC Edge platforms owned by a customer.
•    A centralised dashboard view of individual system status and resource utilisation presented in real-time.
•    User-defined groups for customers to assign individual systems to groups and use the ztC Advisor dashboard’s built-in sorting and filtering functions.
•    Secure-push technology between ztC Advisor and ztC Edge.  ztC Advisor minimises cyber-security risk by limiting data transfer.
•    Integration with Stratus Service Portal and ztC Edge platforms.