Small Pressure Sensor

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  • Small Pressure Sensor
    Small Pressure Sensor

Years of collaboration between Ipetronik and STS Sensor Technik Sirnach have resulted in a further development of mobile measurement technology with the market launch of another new pressure sensor for the automotive industry. STS is closing the gap for analog pressure sensors following the joint development of the CANpressure pressure sensor. In the endurance tests of new vehicles, the operation of all installed components and the way in which they interact is tested under real conditions. As well as using the well-known CANpressure, Ipetronik also uses analog pressure sensors for pressure monitoring in test vehicles. There are two requirements for the new analog pressure sensor: to have the smallest possible construction and function over a wide operating temperature range. When used in the engine compartment of test vehicles, the focus is first and foremost on the TEB. The sensor excels here with a TEB of 1.% FS over a temperature range of -40...125°C and at a nominal pressure range of 10bar.

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