Smart Blue Laser Line Profilers

Designed for 3D scanning of shiny metal surfaces

  • LMI Gocator® 2430/40/50 Blue Laser Line Profilers
    LMI Gocator® 2430/40/50 Blue Laser Line Profilers

The Gocator® 2400 Series of 3D line profile sensors from LMI Technologies has been extended with three new blue laser models, the Gocator® 2430, 2440 and 2450. Designed for precision 3D scanning of shiny material as in machined-metal surfaces, they provide a range of wide fields of view for applications such as electric vehicle battery inspection, rail inspection (rail geometry), small to medium-size electronic and automotive parts, and general factory automation. The series also provides several red laser models for optimal performance and flexibility in scanning applications.

High-quality 3D scan data of train rails even in full sunlight and when the track ballast is wet

The new models include 2-megapixel imaging technology, custom embedded processor, and optimized optics that allow for fast inspection rates (up to 5 kHz) and enhanced sensitivity in handling reflective targets. They come in an IP67-rated industrial housing providing all-in-one functionality, including web-based user setup, built-in 3D visualization, drag and drop measurement tools, and communication protocols.

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