Software Assessment-Tool

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Ensures good programming practice for PLCs


Software Assessment-Tool
Software Assessment-Tool

PLC Checker is Itris Automation’s flagship product, and it will be their focus at this year’s SPS IPC Drives. PLC Checker is a quality assessment tool which automatically analyses PLC programs and verifies their compliance against a chosen set of rules. The application performs a static analysis of a PLC program and produces visual and detailed results which show the user how compliant their program is with the chosen rules and where the issues are, whether during the development or maintenance of the program. The main goal of PLC Checker is to ensure good programming practices are being followed which leads to savings of time and money for the customer, especially during maintenance.

Currently, Itris Automation are working on integrating the PLCopen coding guidelines into PLC Checker. This will allow users to automatically verify the compliance of their program with the first reference standard for the PLC industry.

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