Software for Product Data Management

Enhances optimization of work processes

  • HELiOS PDM from ISD Software und Systeme
    HELiOS PDM from ISD Software und Systeme

Since around 90% of the product costs are determined during the planning and engineering phase, Product Data Management (PDM) implementation appears as one of the most efficient methods to achieve considerable increases in productivity. PDM allows a transparent management of the ever-growing flood of data while reducing costs. HELiOS is a state-of-the-art PDM made by ISD Software und Systeme, enabling consistent and error-free gathering, management and distribution of all essential information to the process chain.

HELiOS manages all process steps by regulating and controlling the processing and forwarding of relevant information

Once stored by the engineering department, the data can be accessed by all other departments and used for the whole process cycle. In addition, HELiOS enables comprehensive security through access rights and version control. ISO 9000 compliant, its modular structure allows great flexibility. Coming with multi CAD-capability, it also features an interface to EPLAN Electric P8.

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